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Organia CBD oil experience

CBD Experience Story: Liis Velsker

Who are you and what do you do?

I am Liis Velsker, a sports enthusiast who is also a writer and since this year a counselor, mentor and a teacher (basics of nutrition) at Tabasalu Gymnasium.


Why do you use CBD?

Since my life is VERY fast paced, I sometimes feel that I can’t turn my thoughts off. I developed severe sleep disorders, which interfered with my exercise and mental health. In the summer, I realised that I was experiencing anxiety and that was the first time I tried CBD oil. The results were immediate and since then I have faith in CBD.


How much do you take it, how do you take it and when do you take it?

In the morning and in the evening, I take a few drops of the 30% oil and go to work or take it just before sleep. I really like the taste. 15% oil didn’t taste as good as the 30% one.


What does CBD do to you?

I feel calmer. I am a quite emotional person and sometimes my emotions change very quickly, but thanks to the CBD oil I feel more stable and that’s a very positive side effect. I’m not so tired of myself anymore.


Would you recommend it to someone? Who/why would it be?

I have recommended it in Instagram quite a lot because so many people struggle with sleep disorders, and they are looking for solutions. This is the thing that helps me, and I really believe in it. I think before we take any kind of pills, we should try more organic solutions that don’t harm our body and mind. I have tried pills before, and oil helps me better than sleeping pills.

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