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Organia Less Pain CBD oil

Research Hub: Less Pain CBD oil

Before launching our new Less Pain CBD oil, we wanted to be sure that the product does what it promises. We conducted small research among our clients to hear their feedback.

Clients who suffer from chronic pain were selected to test out the product. People who took part in our survey had one or two following troubles: back pain, neck pain, headaches (including migraines), joint pain, muscle pain, menstrual cramps, and neurogenic pain. Respondents were all in different age groups from 18 to 60+. Dosing of the product is the same as recommended in our dosing guidelines.

All of them were sent Less Pain CBD oil. Timeframe was a month to really get the most accurate feedback. Important is to note that all respondents have used our other CBD oils before, so they were familiar with Organia products.

Let’s dig into results

We got an amazing results! 83,2% of the respondents claimed that the product was effective in relieving chronic pain. 91,7% of Less Pain users would recommend product to their friends.

What happened and how they felt 1 hour after taking Less Pain CBD oil?

Some felt the effect of the product immediately, some felt it in 15 minutes, and some didn’t feel any significant changes during first hour. It’s understandable as CBD affects everybody a bit differently.

Those who experienced the effect of the product immediately noted that the pain disappeared completely or was gently felt. Some of respondents also highlighted the fact that oil made them calmer and more relaxed. The ones who took it before sleep also noticed sleep-inducing effect.

The menstrual pain disappeared in a few dozen minutes and the feeling was incredibly good. Just wow, first time not taking pain killers. No difference was noted for back pain. In the case of migraines, when taking a larger amount of oil at the right time, the pain starts to subside within 30 minutes.”

What about the effect taking the oil after 2 hours?

After 2 hours almost all respondents started to really feel the decrease in pain.

After 2 hours I could notice first signs of pain disappearing - although I don't actively count hours or minutes from the moment I dose the first time, most of the times after about 2 hours I do notice that the pain has almost gone away.

Some didn’t experience any impact on relieving pain after first dose however the second dose would kick in faster and could really get the relief they were looking for.

“As I began taking the oil, I had quite strong kidney ache due to cystitis which had lasted for a week. The kidney pain ended almost instantly after I took the first dose.”

All in all. Remember, consistency is key. Chronic pain requires chronic attention. Using the product to relieve chronic pain, be consistent to get the full benefits of Less Pain CBD oil. If you are struggling with chronic pain and looking for natural solution, the oil is worth to try. Keep in mind, the product is not a pain killer. It’s a natural solution to relieve chronic pain. We recommend taking 5 drops, 3 times a day to get the best results.


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