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Organia CBD oil and mental health

CBD Oil and Mental Health

Strong mental health allows you to get along with yourself better, achieve more and enjoy life in every way - you have the will and motivation to do things! The main role in maintaining mental health is a healthy lifestyle. Adding a few drops of CBD oil to it will make you feel even better. Users share experiences.

Organia oils

The topic of mental health affects a lot of people. Anxiety disorders alone affect 5-10 percent of the world's population and directly affect their daily functioning. Untreated anxiety disorders and ADHD in adults often lead to depression, as does constant overworking. In this case, you must definitely consult a doctor. We can also do a lot ourselves so that our mental health does not reach such a critical limit.

In order for mental health to be in good shape, it is important to pay attention to the most basic things, which are balanced work and rest time, sufficient exercise and a healthy diet. It seems very simple indeed, but if you really stick to these points, it is also very effective.

Having put your mental health in the forefront, you will soon experience how much it gives you - you are stronger, more capable, calmer and more focused! Work and personal life is balanced, time planning is in order, and awareness of your own needs becomes elementary.

For people with anxiety and difficulty concentrating, it is extremely important to constantly monitor their condition and find suitable ways to help them stay balanced, relax enough and concentrate at important moments. This is where hemp oil, or CBD oil, can help. According to users, it significantly improves the quality of life.

CBD oil supports concentration, but how?

We live in a noisy world, and being active from nine to five can feel like a mental marathon. Music playing in the background, the constant beeping of your smartphone or a co-worker wanting to chat - all this makes it very difficult to concentrate.

If we can't focus, nothing gets done - you start doing one thing, jump to the next, then back, then to something else again. We can try to do something that we really need to do... and no matter what we try, it just doesn't get done. Over time, things on the list start to pile up, causing us stress and anxiety.

It doesn't matter if we work in the office or at home, both have distractions. In order to focus better, it is worth first reducing the level of distractions to a minimum and perhaps adding a few drops of CBD oil to your health package, which can further contribute to concentration.

When choosing CBD oil to support concentration and mental well-being, it is worth choosing organic and certified CBD oil. Cannabidiol (CBD) is extracted from the hemp plant and interacts with our body's endocannabinoid system (ECS). Our bodies produce endocannabinoids all the time (even when we're not taking CBD). While taking CBD, we help maintain and protect the endocannabinoid system. CBD helps improve mood, focus and increase energy levels by acting indirectly on serotonin receptors in the nervous system and triggering the necessary receptors in the endocannabinoid system to balance dopamine levels.

CBD helps support the sense of calm needed to focus, relieving everyday stress and anxiety.

Research from the National Institutes of Health found that CBD can support mental health and acuity. It showed that CBD products can promote the growth of new neurons in the brain, which explains why CBD can relieve anxiety, sadness and improve concentration.

Organia offers broad-spectrum, full-spectrum and isolate CBD oils in varying strengths from 5-30% so that everyone can find the right one for their needs. Estonian users share their experiences.

Liis Velsker: when you are mentally exhausted, you cannot feel joy in small things.

Liis Velsker Organia oil experience story

Liis Velsker, sports enthusiast, writer and mentor and Tabasalu Gymnasium's nutrition basics teacher, believes that for the sake of good mental health, you have to do something for yourself every day.

Liis Velsker: "For me, mental health is as important as physical health." 

For me, mental health is as important as physical health - I live my life to feel good about myself. For me, this means a relatively strong routine, while also doing activities where I experience strong emotion. I spend quite a lot of time alone because I work as an experience consultant and I still do a lot of work on social media. Time for myself is very important, I spend it exercising, reading books, listening to podcasts or just lounging!

I live my life to feel good about myself.

I know that when you're mentally exhausted, you can't enjoy or even notice the little things. Mental health is like physical health - if you don't take care of it, it can lead to serious health problems. Prevention is the key word and that's why you should do something for yourself every day.

To support my mental health, I spend a lot of time in nature, except when it's really super cold outside. I exercise every day, maintain a nutritious diet, and sleep at least eight hours a day. Before going to sleep, I use meditation, CBD oil, and read books - all this helps to calm the nervous system, so that sleep is more even and deep. I don't stress about little things or worry in advance. I deal with situations as they come.

And most importantly, I laugh a lot and spend my free time with people who motivate and inspire me and are really there for me.

Rauno Kutti: Every morning I ask myself how am I feeling

Rauno Kutti experience story with Organia oils

Entrepreneur, musician and father of two children, Rauno Kutti has done some damage to his well-being by working too much several times in the past. Now he can recognize the danger signs of dangerously high stress levels and support his own mental health.

Rauno Kutti: "I know that if you don't take care of yourself, at some point life will pull the brakes and bring up the problem painfully."

"I've been burned out, I've gotten so sick from overworking that I ended up in the hospital, I've been on strong medications because of the effects of overworking. Of course, behind all this is the desire to get somewhere, the ultimate drive to be the best. Fortunately, when I started a family in my 30s, I realized that work will not run away from you. As a result of all the previous experiences, I am much more aware of how my body and mind react to the first signs of stress. Currently, I try to take time every day for rest, self-education, entertainment and of course quality time with loved ones.

I pay attention to mental health every day. Every morning I ask myself how I am feeling. I adequately assess what I actually can get done during the day, because there are always more activities on the calendar than I can actually do.

In the past, I have ignored my mental health situation and it has gotten worse. I know that if you don't take care of yourself, at some point life will pull the brakes and bring up the problem painfully. When that happens, it's usually too late.

I think that the characteristics of a good life are free flow, success in various fields and ease of being. I don't think it's wise to go through all the suffering dreaming of some future vacation. People have to find time for themselves every day. Every week. Every month. Not two weeks a year.

Work does not define a person, it is a means of living. You should choose directions in life that make YOU happy. I believe that when we ourselves are happy, satisfied and in control of our lives, we can achieve quite a lot.

Now I already know how to pay attention to the needs of my body and mind. A simple example: if I wake up in the morning and feel tired, I take time to rest - sleep an extra hour or take a quick nap at lunch. I try to take a few moments every day where I do nothing. Some weekends I do absolutely nothing.

There are some simple ways that help me maintain my mental health. For example, I try to arrange my vacation so that I can be away for more than a few weeks, because being away makes things clearer in my head. I'm trying to travel. I try to spend time with friends and family as much as possible. I use CBD oil or other natural soothing oils, pills, and drinks. I try to be in nature more. I work when I feel that there is a good work flow and energy. When I feel like I'm going to pass out, I leave work and do other things. Recently, I have greatly reduced scrolling through content in random apps on my phone. I read books instead. And it's perfectly okay to just be lazy sometimes. To think. To dream.

Marleen Aasa and Kristjan Keres: good balance and health are guaranteed by a healthy relationship.

Kristjan Keres and Marleen Aasa Organia oil experience story

World travelers coach Marleen Aasa and business manager Kristjan Keres pay great attention to their mental health. They also support being present by drinking cocoa and tea or CBD oil.

Marleen Aasa and Kristjan Keres: "Strong mental health is a foundation that also helps keep all other areas of life in balance."

Marleen: The faster life is, the more work and attention your mental health needs. For me, talking about mental health and taking care of it is extremely important, burnout is also not an unfamiliar topic. We take a lot of care of our physical body (exercise, doctors, washing, etc.), but our spirituality needs just as much. For now, I can say that I do a small check-in for myself every day to feel if and in what kind of balance I am. Of course, that doesn't mean there aren't stressful days where things go wrong.

A healthy body has a healthy mind and a healthy mind has a healthy body, right!

If we are stressed and do not calm ourselves down, do not take time off, our immunity is lower and we are more receptive to all kinds of diseases, mild and severe. In addition, taking care of mental health contributes to a good mood, healthy relationships with loved ones, less anxiety and worry, more clarity and inner stability.

Kristjan: If, for example, ten years ago, as an athlete, my focus was only on physical health and the maximum readiness of my body, now I have realized how important mental health is next to that. For now, mental health has come first for me, and only then will come everything else.

Strong mental health is the foundation that helps keep all other areas of life in balance. If you take care of yourself internally, the entire external image and the world will also change to one that really supports your being.

Marleen: The list of how we take care of our mental health is long, but let's start with the the basics:

  • varied diet, the more colors, the better;
  • moving, which doesn't always have to be a hard workout, just a nice walk is enough;
  • peaceful sleep, we try to sleep eight hours on average, and sleep is especially good when the room is a little cooler and completely dark;
  • balanced work and private life, achieving this is not always as easy as you would like, but you have to make an effort;
  • fun and sincere moments with loved ones;
  • doing things that give energy and being aware of those that take energy;
  • soothing music, meditation, nature;
  • to put everything away and just be present, in the moment.

The longer we have been together, the more we understand that good balance and health are ensured by a healthy relationship where we listen and care.

In addition, we have a habit tracker on the refrigerator at home, where we monitor the habits that we have set for ourselves together and separately for the whole month. For example, this month our goal is to track how often we read, take vitamins, move (at least half an hour at a time), exercise, and what our attitude is during the day. We believe that big habits start with small daily steps, and that's how we track each day.

Kristjan: Separately, I would like to point out that my main habit in maintaining my mental health is first and foremost consciously taking time for myself - if I keep my cup full, then I have something to offer to others and other areas of life. This is the only way I can truly be there for my partner and friends and life in general. In addition, my mental health is bettered by, for example, being in nature, hiking and traveling, but also general trust in life and various practices for self-analysis. We also support being present by drinking cocoa and tea or taking CBD oil.
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