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Organia CBD oil experience

CBD Experience Story: Lauri Pedaja

Who are you and what do you do?

I am Lauri and I am a videographer, a father and social media content creator.


Why do you use CBD?

I use CBD oil in anxious moments when the waves go over my head and I need to calm down quickly. Since there is a lot going on in my head, I also have problems falling asleep. CBD makes me fall a sleep very quickly and ensures quality sleep.


How much do you take it, how do you take it and when do you take it?

I dose it as needed. Sometimes half a pipette, other times a few drops. It all depends on what effect I want to achieve. Most of the time I use CBD oil in the evenings when I'm already tired and can't deal with my emotions as effectively.


What does CBD do to you?

CBD oil helps me focus and direct my thoughts in one place. It helps me the most when I have to get things done quickly but there are distractions around me. The ability to concentrate is immediately on a completely different level.


Would you recommend it to someone? Who/why would it be?

I recommend CBD oil for people who have problems with anxiety, concentration, or sleep. I have CBD oil to help with these concerns. CBD oil doesn’t solve all the problems and isn’t a miracle cure, but it’s as close as it gets to a miracle cure for sure.

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