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A stress reliever that also calms chronic pain and anxiety

A stress reliever that also calms chronic pain and anxiety

Tense thoughts, feelings of restlessness, and a constant headache or backache are many people's daily companions. But it doesn't have to be that way and life can indeed be a lot more enjoyable when using CBD oils

CBD oil is a unique natural product that can relieve pain and mood swings. Yes, it is indeed a cannabis product, but one that has been stripped of everything psychotropic and forbidden, leaving only what is relaxing, supportive and legal.

Just like migraine sufferers, many anxiety sufferers have already discovered CBD oil to improve their well-being. It is now completely realistic for them that enduring constant pain and temporary mood disorders does not develop into depression. The effect of the oil is palpable within a few days of regular use, and CBD oil can be a great support at the right moment - the effect is immediate and there are no withdrawal symptoms. However, if you are already following a treatment plan and want to add CBD oil to the plan, you must definitely not change the medication you take too suddenly, but consult a doctor first.

However, most CBD oil users are completely normal people who want to make their daily life less stressful, who want to get rid of minor pains and get things done without stress. Now let's take a closer look at what scientific research says about CBD oils and what the user experience of an Estonian woman with Organia CBD oils is.

What do the studies say?

Research into the health benefits of CBD is ongoing, and researchers are increasingly trying to better understand exactly how CBD works. Recent studies show that CBD can relieve acne in addition to chronic pain, inflammation, anxiety, and depression. In a study published in The Journal of Clinical Investigation, researchers found that CBD inhibited oil production and had an anti-inflammatory effect on oil-producing glands. CBD products are even used to treat epilepsy.

There is also evidence that CBD can help induce sleep and improve sleep quality. Quality sleep is what prepares us for the day ahead and in the long run determines how we feel, our health, our overall performance and even our relationships.

Some side effects such as fatigue may occur with CBD oil, but these are rather mild. It is always worth remembering that combining different drugs, food supplements and health products has its own effects, and if you are already following a treatment regimen, it is worth talking to your doctor about adding CBD.

The use of cannabis-based products to support classical treatment and also to encourage mental coping in a more general way is becoming more and more common.

It is very important that the product you want to start using is tested and certified, and Organia's organic CBD oils always are. Any reputable brand should test their products for pesticides, solvents, cannabinoids, terpenes and heavy metal contamination. The seller of each product must be able to provide necessary and realistic information about the properties and effects of his product through the sales environment and customer support.

 Cannabis oil is helpful with:

  • chronic pain;

  • anxiety/depression;

  • acne;

  • sleep problems.

CBD oil as a health supporter

CBD oils are becoming more and more popular because they allow you to significantly improve your daily well-being and work ability without the help of strong drugs. Of course, CBD oil is not the solution to all health concerns, but it is still helpful for many in recovery, relaxation, doing stressful work, achieving good sleep, and supporting pain treatment. This is exactly the experience of Karmel (28).

Working as a personal trainer, Karmel lived a healthy life in every way, yet she suffered a stroke in her twenties. Returning to her former life was not at all easy for her, so the young woman began to look for ways that would contribute to her recovery. "That's how I discovered CBD oil and started collecting information about it. Don't even want to know how much time I invested in learning about the composition and effects of cannabis products. I worked through countless research studies and user experiences of all kinds. In the end, I was convinced that CBD oils were the ones I should try." Karmel conducted an online survey on whose products people were most satisfied with and chose Organia CBD oils based on the answers, because the products have been comprehensively tested and praised by users.

Karmel Pea experience with Organia Oil

Karmel chose cannabis oil with the hope that it will help her body to get stronger again and maybe prevent another stroke. "The doctor said that the image of my brain has recovered beautifully - incredibly beautifully, considering the size of the damage." The young person's body really coped well with the recovery from the stroke. It is not possible to say how big a role the CBD oil played in this case, but Karmel noticed a number of significant additional advantages when using CBD oil. “As a bonus, CBD oil can lower my high blood pressure and I have to take much less blood pressure pills, keeping my body free of artificial substances. Since I was also 'blessed' with spastic hemiplegia after a stroke, Organia CBD oil even helps reduce my spasticity."

The results are indeed excellent in many cases.

Karmel also shared her positive experience on her website, and several people gave her feedback that they also discovered CBD oils thanks to Karmel's story.

"Furthermore, I am extremely happy to know that several doctors have also started to recommend it to their patients, because the results are truly excellent in many cases."

Karmel no longer works as a personal trainer, she became a student again. She also continues to educate herself in the field of cannabis oils, they help her focus on her schoolwork during a stressful period. "Organia 30% oil is usual for me, but this year Organia also added CBD oil blends Less Pain and More Sleep, which I was even skeptical about at first, but they help! I take them when something hurts somewhere or I can't sleep at night. I prefer organic CBD oil More Sleep to sleeping pills and CBD oil Less Pain to chemical pain relievers."

Karmel thinks Organia CBD oil is a very good gift. "And not only for others, but also for yourself!"

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